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02-Aug-2017 08:14

Denuvo markets themselves as the “#1 application protection and Anti-Piracy Technology” in the world.

Their aim is to “provide the longest crack-free release window compared to competitors,” protecting new games from hacking and piracy during their opening weeks and months, when sales are arguably most important and piracy is likely to have the biggest impact.

Its lists, which can be written by anyone (hence these notes indicating inconsistency), are rooted in fact (usually) and coated in humour (mostly), dispensing interesting (often), historical (sometimes), and scientific (occasionally) trivia surrounded by jokes (always).

Relying largely on humorous list articles, Cracked has become rather famous on the internet.

When Doom was released in May 2016, the anti-tamper technology was eventually removed from the game after it held up for four months, which Denuvo’s co-founder Robert Hernandez told Kotaku was “an impressive accomplishment for such a high-profile game.” Since that time, however, the amount of time taken to crack a game using Denuvo has been falling.

Resident Evil 7 was cracked within seven days of release, and in recent weeks, the time it has taken for Denuvo to be ‘beaten’ has fallen to mere days.

The website plays host to numerous Internet sketch groups, published occasional webcomics when their artists were actively posting on the forum (such as ), and had its own caption contest (now running successfully on the forum).

While the teasers seem like standard hype fodder at first, fans on Twitter have noticed hidden messages that may let on more about the mysterious Xbox One upgrade then meets the eye.A scene member who goes by the moniker Voksi told us that “[piracy] scene groups have found a way to get past [Denuvo’s] encryption and keygen files in just a day.

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